Staff to Grow is committed to help your business add professional employees to your core workforce. Unlike other professional staffing companies that dabble in many industries, Staff to Grow solely focuses on the medical and recreational marijuana industries as well as CBD, industrial hemp and ancillary industries. This approach to and commitment means that you will be working with a recruiter that specializes in the industry, that consistently stays up-to-date on this evolving rapidly paced vertical market and has a solid understanding about the positions that need to be filled. Staff to Grow only focuses on mid-, senior-, and executive-level professionals for direct hire and contract because we feel that they take more pride in what they do and have a vested interest in the company than a “temporary” employee.

If you are opening a new market or just getting into the industry, our team at STG can help assist you in setting parameters to give your open position a better chance of getting successfully filled. Some of these factors might include annual wage, benefits, relocation costs, stock options or other incentives that are always important when trying to acquire top talent. We want to make sure that both our candidate and our client feel that they have received a win-win situation so they can maximize their productivity while at work. Best of all, if for some reason you aren’t happy with the candidate that was placed into your organization, we will replace that employee at no additional cost!

Positions that we typically staff for mid-, senior and executive levels include departments in:

  • Operations
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Cultivation & Extraction
  • Distribution & Packaging
  • Finance & Legal

We understand that your business is developing, and that it is hard to find the right team members to scale your business. Our team of recruiter’s source candidates from within the industry as well as those entering the industry so that you can increase revenue year over year. We have candidates from numerous states that are looking to relocate for a new opportunity, as well as candidates within your state that are looking for a new career. We partner with you to understand your specific needs and make sure that the candidate we source not only has the qualifications you are looking for, but also the cultural fit that is so important for organization.

As the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg once said

“I think as a company, if you can get those two things right — having a clear direction on what you are trying to do and bringing in great people who can execute on the stuff — then you can do pretty well.”

You let us know criteria including salary range and other incentives, technical expertise requirements and whether the candidate needs to have industry experience. Obviously, less requirements results in a larger pool of candidates and a higher order fill rate; however, we also understand that sometimes certain positions just require an industry background to help you grow.

As the industry continually evolves many new opportunities are presenting themselves daily. As an advocate for the industry, we keep up with the national industry news, partner with national associations and help those starting and scaling their business to make sure that they are set up for success and growth. This unique consulting aspect of our business allows STG to help your business get off the ground or change direction to achieve your targeted goals and beyond. A contracted employee is typically a partner with your staff for 3-12 months and then returns to Staff To Grow at the end of their contract. This allows you to temporarily employ someone that often has experience within the industry, which enables you to successfully establish and/or expand your business. While a contracted employee is sourced from STG, your company takes on all the daily burdens of a full-time employee such as hourly wage, benefits, FICA, FUTA, SUTA, General Liability and Workers compensation. We will work within your parameters to help you decide if a daily per diem is needed or whether the wage compensates their short-term relocation. When the contract is up, the team member returns to Staff To Grow to prepare for their next rewarding experience.