frequently asked questions

There is no fee to establish your account and place an order. Hiring fees vary based on the compensation, assignment type, and number of employees needed.

While every position in the industry is different, sometimes Staff To Grow can fill an order in a week, and sometimes it takes longer. We will always be transparent with you during the process and give you an estimated timeline when the order is placed.

Staff To Grow takes pride only sending potential candidates who have excelled through our extensive hiring process; therefore, we don’t fill every order because we want to send the RIGHT candidate and not waste your time.

Not necessarily, as you know, the cannabis market is an emerging industry. While the pool of workers with industry experience continues to grow, many mid-level and senior-level positions are filled by seasoned professionals who are entering the industry. Our order fill percentage is higher when clients do not require industry experience; however, we understand that some positions require expertise specific to the Cannabis industry.

Our focus at Staff To Grow is mid-level to senior and executive cannabis industry workers; however, we do occasionally partner with clients to help them fulfill all their staffing needs. We may also refer you to another industry partner that more frequently staffs that type of position.

Yes. If for some reason you are not happy with the candidate that we both agree is a good fit within the first two months, we will find you a replacement candidate as soon as possible.

We approach these situations on a case by case basis leaving the decision up to the contracted employee. While this situation isn’t ideal, we understand that things change as your business grows. If a contracted employee is offered and accepts becoming a permanent employee after their contract expired, an additional fee would occur.