Employment Opportunities


Employment Opportunities

Staff To Grow (STG) is always looking for new talent. Whether you have industry experience or are just looking to break into the market we would love to hear from you! Since we partner with companies nationwide, new opportunities are constantly arriving, and we would be honored to see if we could help you with your career in this exciting industry! With two different employment types, contract or direct, STG can help you find the perfect fit so that you are well compensated while enjoying what you are doing.

If you love to travel and explore new opportunities, STG can employ you as a contract employee where we send you to a location of your choice for a contracted period. Once your contract ends, you would move to a different location for your next assignment if you choose.

This opportunity is particularly fruitful for industry-experienced candidates excited to explore different places and help a newly emerging state or company with its growth. The industry is evolving extremely quickly; there are also opportunities for mid-, senior-, and executive-level employees without industry experience that want to apply their skill sets as well.

Our direct hire opportunities help you find a new home for your career and wherever that might be. Our wide, national reach means more employment opportunities for you!

Whatever type of employment that you are looking for, STG works to ensure that you love where you live, feel like a family member at work, and go home everyday feeling comfortable with your compensation and benefits. To find out more about STG’s employment opportunities, simply fill out the short form below, upload your resume, and one of our recruiters will contact you. While you are our “product”, our passionate recruiters will not treat you as one, but rather a professional yearning for a new opportunity.